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What is Laces?

Laces was born to open the doors of high quality workout to everybody, giving the chance to select place, trainer and time of the class. Thanks to our innovative model, Laces can guarantee intense group workouts, followed by Fitness experts.

Starting from these assumption, we have developed the Laces fitness community, an innovative fitness backpack and a functional workout method.

The Laces method

A mix of highly adaptable exercises developed by fitness and sport experts.

Web community

A revolutionary idea that is radically changing the interaction between trainers and fitness passionates.

The Laces backpack

The innovative kit specifically designed for fitness and sports trainers.

How to become a Laces trainer

The Laces training course has been designed for fitness and sport’s experts. Our main goal is to prepare functional training experts. To be accepted to the Laces training course you should:

  • Be a graduate, or be a student of Physical education, or
  • Have received a diploma as sport instructor from a national or international federation, or
  • Have obtained a certification as a fitness instructor (Crossfit, Spinning, Tacfit, etc..)
  • If you are not included in one of the aforementioned categories, please contact us and we will provide you with a pre-evaluation test.


The Laces training course consists of two full-day classes (9.00/13.00 – 14.00/18.00) for a total of 16 hours of theoretical and practical education.
To be graduated as Laces trainer, you have to pass a written and practical test.

Per ottenere la certificazione di istruttore Laces, dovrai sostenere un esame teorico e pratico.


  • Introduction to the Laces training method
  • Methodology and concepts: Physical condition, intensity, conditional and coordinative capabilities
  • Functional training: theory, definitions and practical cases
  • The Laces pillar principles: Efficacy, Efficiency, POP (Point of Performance)
  • The body: movements and exercises
  • Teaching methodology and didactic activities
  • Laces workout methods
  • Organization and management of a Laces class
  • Periodizations
  • Laces backpack and the equipment
  • Main exercises and practical activities
  • How to use the Laces community – theory and practice of the online advertising

About our courses


  • Two full-days
  • Diploma, AICS membership
  • Full access to the Laces training network
  • Exclusive discount on the Laces equipment purchase
  • Laces handbook and Laces T-shirt
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Specialization courses

  • Half-day of in-depth education
  • Open to everyone
  • Full access to the Laces training network
  • Exclusive discount on the Laces equipment purchase​

Special price for the Laces backpack

  • Hundreds of solutions for your workouts
  • High-quality equipment, Made in Italy
  • Weighs under 8 kilos
  • The ideal solution for sport and fitness trainers